Full Spectrum Tincture – 3000mg
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Full Spectrum Tincture – 3000mg

$255.00 $175.00

  • 100mg USA Grade-A premium CBD (Cannabidiol) per serving
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid extract containing CBG, CBDV, etc.
  • Other beneficial molecules, essential oils, terpenes, and amino acids
  • 100% organic, USA-grown/processed, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan
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Product Description

Oil Tincture Drops contain the highest premium cannabidiol currently legal in the United States. Our proprietary “Full-spectrum .3% or less THC” process produces the world’s purest CBD while preserving the plant’s other valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential oils necessary to ensure the highly sought after “entourage effect.

We only use 100% organic hemp, grown and processed at our farms and facility in the United States. Gluten-free and vegan certified, our CBD oil tincture drops are also non-GMO.

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Mint, Cinnamon

6 reviews for Full Spectrum Tincture – 3000mg

  1. hmurphy4 (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect review for the “full spectrum” tincture for a few days. I’ll sum it up on last nights experience! I deal with anxiety. This year it has been quadrupled due to Covid, virtual schooling and my law enforcement family being hunted (in more ways then one)! I’ve never been a good sleeper but lately there is no real sleep. My mind won’t shut off. I don’t really drink! I don’t do drugs! I’ve never even smoked a cigarette but I thought if I was going to try CBD oil I was going at it head on. I took too much the first time and at 12 pm. Not smart. I was on a mind vacation, which I needed, but not mid-day! Last night though, I went straight to sleep 45 minutes after taking 1/2 of what I took the first time. I woke up once because my pillow was soaked IN DROOL! I cannot remember a time I slept so sound that I actually drooled. Gross waking up with your face and pillow covered in drool? Absolutely! Worth every minute of it to actually feel like I slept for once and not wake up in a rage wanting to fight with everyone because I’m exhausted? YES! 100% YES! This full spectrum CBD oil is amazing. You can use it for stressful days and take a mind vacation or you can take a little at night and sleep yourself into a puddle of drool! Amazing! Try it! I’m so glad I did!

  2. marandarudisill (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this oil, i wish i could afford it daily!! My anxiety is completely gone while i use this, i honestly feel carefree. Typically i have a to do list a mile long and am constantly overwhelmed and just dont know where to start, easily irradiated ect. On this i have been taking one task at a time, enjoy getting stuff done an being productive. Im happier playing with my kids and just feel more myself!:) absolutely will buy again!

  3. tchristian65 (verified owner)

    Love it i have tried so many brands just to be disappointed you should not need the entire bottle to help you this stuff works im small so stated with 1/2 dropper i find i need 2 full droppers but relaxing and puts me in the mood to sleep which i have a horrible problem with ptsd and this worked yeah!!!!

  4. Heather Totten (verified owner)

    I’m going to be brutally honest I will not hold anything back just because I’m on pateron with Amiri or because I’m on his friends on Facebook.I initially ordered the Full spectrum tincture (cinnamon) because how much Amiri swore by them on his lives&when he signed the sticker that was it I ordered the product.Now I have tried many many different brands of CBD products in the past and they did nothing for me (I was in a car accident over 10 years ago and had back & left hip issues)So when I tried the product I was not expecting much boy was I was wrong within a few days I was able to cut my pain meds (I go to pain management,I don’t have minor issues I have major issues) into half,I am able to sleep (I have sleep issues) my anxiety has gone so much to almost nonexistent I love it his product the only down size for me is cost(that’s not on them it’s worth the money I’m just making minimum wage)
    So I ordered there 750 mg full spectrum capsules when they were on sale bought 2 bottles and they are just as good as the tincture in my opinion the capsules helped with pain,sleeping,& anxiety
    Also When I ordered the tincture they threw in a 3 pack CBD infused pain patch I used one of them the other day after moving my mom from her old place to her new home and let me tell you when you put that patch on to the targeted area causing pain it works you feel your pain slowly fading away,I have been a repeat customer and I will continue being one
    This is the only brand that I can that about and recommend

  5. JR Topor (verified owner)

    I already purchased the 750 Mg full spectrum capsules and they were good but let me tell you I just got my full spectrum tincture in the mail and wow! It blows the capsules away! I’m so chilled out right now I can’t explain it. I’m glued to my seat and in a great relaxed mood. It’s been 2 full weeks without the benzos!! I’m super happy, thanks Amiri… customer for life! Can’t wait for you to get the Delta 8 products.

  6. Tim Dafforn (verified owner)

    I really ordered the Full Spectrum Tincture simply to get the autographed sticker from Amiri. I had no confidence at all that it would help my lower back pain from arthritis (according to the doctor). I did hurt my lower back working out a couple of years ago. Last weekend I had a flair up and could barely walk on Friday night. That night I shuffled through the medicine cabinet and found some Vicodin. I took 1 at 8pm. I took another at 10pm. I took a third at 11:30pm. No luck still awake at 2am, I took the 4th. When I woke in the morning, same deal. Can’t walk very well (and my anus was chapped??? wtf?). Saturday night, same deal, killed off 4 or 5 Vicodin before bed. My roommate was watching me real close and making googly eyes at me (weird…). I woke up again in the same pain. Sunday night I decided to give the CBD a whirl. I put a full dropper under my tongue, went to bed with absolutely no confidence that Monday morning would be painless. I woke Monday morning (today) and felt like a new man! My lower back was almost perfect, and my anus is healing nicely. I’ll be able to wear white underwear again before the New Year!
    Thank You AMIRI !!!!

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